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New Family Photos

Wagoner, OK





Jessi and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have welcomed our puppies into your families.  I think our babies have gone to every state in the lower 48 including Alaska, Canada, Germany, St. Croix and Puerto Rico. We are over whelmed with the interest in our puppies and the friends we have made along the way!

 Thank You All Very Much!

 We pray God's blessings and happiness over all of our new friends as well as those protecting and serving our country in the United States and over seas, thank you for your sacrifice.

After you have enjoyed the "New Family Photos" on this page, be sure and see the second and third pages of family photos. They are links from the "Dogs" and "Australian Cattle Dog" pages.


Jasmine is all grown up! She loves to go riding with her mom in CA! (Maddie X Rusty)

This is adorable girl is Yo Yo, she lives in TX with her mom and family. (Lacy X Rowdy)

Here are some new photos of Roux! How Cute! (Angie X Rusty)

Rio and his family are enjoying new snow! (Pokey X Rusty)

This BEAUTIFUL boy is Diesel, he lives in IL with his mom and dad! (Cherry Pie X Rowdy)

Here is a new photo of Madix, she LOVES her mom! (Jazz X Max)

This photos are precious! Sydney Blue and Jack are very lucky! They both have a great family that loves them in San Juan. (newest addition Sydney -Jazz X Tuffy)

This beautiful red boy is Ryder, he is a carbon copy of his mom Chili! His person mom found a great way to help his ears to stay up, check our FYI page for details. (Chili Pepper X Rowdy)

This sweet Aussiedoodle girl is Lilly, she lives in Iowa with her family. (Baby X Oreo)

Here is Roux all grown up! (Angie X Rusty)

Joey is an Aussiedoodle that has sure turned into a pretty boy! (Cyenne X Indy)

Rusty Jr, has grown into a pretty speckled boy!

Remington is getting big and is a beautiful boy! (Pokey X Rusty)

This cute Powder look-a-like lives in TX with her family! (Powder X Rusty)

Scout lives in TX with his family, he is waiting on his new baby sister! (Blue X Max)

Speck is a beautiful boy! He lives in MO with his family!

Here is Lilly! All grown up and a beautiful girl!

This beauty is Dingo, he lives in MA with his parents. (Naomi X Max)

Bear is so cute! he lives in FL with his new mom and dad. (Dally X Cowboy)

Areena has grown into a beautiful girl, she lives in CA with her family. Way to go Areena! We are proud of your achievements!

This cute boy lives in Vermont with his mom. (Pokey X Rusty)

Bendy and Boomer, live in Maine with their family. (Bendy: Cyenne X Rowdy) (Boomer: Powder X Max)

This adventurous girl is Bindi, she lives in CO with her family. (Jazz X Max)

This is a Abby girl and Angie boy, they live in WA with their family. (Girl, black Abby X Rowdy) (Boy, blue Angie X Rusty)

This is Jack and Fernando, they live in Puerto Rico. Congratulations Fernando, you and Jack make a great team! Keep up the good work! (Texann X Cowboy)

This is Cricket, she lives with her mom in West Virginia. (Maddie X Rusty)

This is Remington, he lives with his mom in MA. (Pokey X Rusty)

This is Rio, he lives in CO with his mom. (Pokey X Rusty)

This good looking boy lives in WA with his mom while his dad is serving our country! (Powder X Max)

Crikey is a year old, what a beautiful photo! Thanks guys for sharing this with us! (Abby X Cowboy)

This tough looking girl lives in CA with her mom and dad, mom is on the right in the photo. (Maddie X Rusty)

This sweet looking girl is Savannah, she lives in MA with her dad. (Wynona X Rowdy)

This Aussiedoodle boy is Dilly, he lives with his mom and dad in CA! (Cyenne X Denny)

This cute baby Cattle dog girl is Dannyell, she lives in TX with her mom and dad! (Cheyenne X Rowdy)

Tex is a Cattle Dog and lives with his parents in Ill! Tex loves to ride in the boat! (Blue x Rowdy)

This adorable Cattle Dog girl is Rachel she lives in TX with her new dad! Rusty and Wynona sure make pretty puppies! Champ (below) is Rachel's brother! (Wynona X Rusty)

Champ (Cattle Dog) and his parents live in CA! Champ's dad says he LOVES the water!

Cody is a sleepy Aussiedoodle boy! He lives in PA with his new family!

Smokey is a Cattle Dog and lives in CO with his new family!

This silly Aussiedoodle boy's name is Joey! He lives in CA with his new family!

This adorable Aussiedoodle boy is Roscoe, he lives in TX with his mom and dad! Congratulations Roscoe on graduating from Puppy School! WHAT A BIG BOY!!

This cute boy of Daisy's is Chase, he lives with his new family in CA.

This is Georgia she lives with her dad in GA... she looks just like her mom Cyenne!!

This ADORABLE girl (right) is Areena and lives with her big sister Pallas (left) and mom in CA!

  Rose and Dawson are Aussiedoodles they live in Baltimore with their dad. (Pokey X Indy)

This precious Aussiedoodle girl lives with her family in NE! (Chili Pepper X Indy)

This BEAUTIFUL Aussiedoodle girl lives in New York with her parents! (Texann X Indy)

This Aussiedoodle boy's name is Dooker, he lives in KS with his family. (Texann X Indy)

Boots  lives with his parents in New York! (Pokey X Rowdy)

This is Rowdy and he lives in Texas with his Dad! Happy Birthday Rowdy! (Ashley X Max)

Lola and her new big sister in PA!

Ollie and sister in New York!

Lunchbox with Dad & his new friend...Mom was taking the pics!!  They live in CA.

Cady and her new brothers live with their Mom and Dad in NY! (Lacy X Rowdy)

This is Toby! He is Poncho and Precious's brother. Toby lives in CA with his family and we hear that he does all kinds of cool tricks! Thanks Kathy for the update!  (Sassy X Max)

Otis lives with his new brother and family in CA! (Naomi X Rusty)

Josh and Skip!! (Abby X Max)

These two beautiful boys are Micah and Snoopy! Snoopy is Micah's new best friend and they live in CA. (Texann X Indy)

Larryboy (Goldendoodle) lives with his sister and the rest of his family in OK!

This is Wallace he lives in FLwith his Dad.!

This is Sapphire with her new brothers and sisters in FL!

Topper lives with his new mom and dad in CA!  Thanks Heather! (Naomi X Rusty)

This sweet baby girl Sophia lives with her new Dad in TX. (Baby X Indy)

This is Boone! He lives in N.C. with him new family. (Lacy X Rowdy)

This cute Aussiedoodle lives with his new family in R.I.! (Jazz X Indy)

This Goldendoodle boy  is Clancy and lives with his new family in KS! (Roxy X Catcher)

This is Chloe (Goldendoodle) at her home in CA with her new sister!

Here is Piper with his cute sisters in PA!

This is Bukkit, she lives with her parents in Texas! Her dad Jeremy made her bed and will be happy to speak to you if you would like one like this for your baby! Their email address is; (Powder X Rusty)

This little guy is Hank and he lives in Texas with his new parents. (Powder X Rusty)

Tulsa - on her way home from the airport with her new brothers and parents! They live in Florida.

This cute Heeler girl lives with her new dad and sister in TX.

This cute Heeler boy lives with his mom in MN, his dad is serving our country over seas...Thanks Greg!

This Aussiedoodle girl is Sadie and this is her new parents. Sadie is grown up! (Baby X Indy)

This sweet Heeler girl lives with her and family in Ca. (Blue X Rowdy)

This is Smokey with his new dad and new cat is taking the pics! They live in Las Vegas. (Smokey X Max)

 Jessi and I are proud that so many of you have trusted us to help you find your new family members from our puppies. We know that all of you love your new babies as much as we do.

Once again, we just can't thank you enough!