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Wagoner, OK






Feel free to visit the various pages here so you can see photos of all of our dogs; Australian Cattle Dogs (AKA Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers),  Puppies For Sale, New Family Photos and information about purchasing a puppy.

We hope you enjoy visiting our family at home with us.

All of our mom's have their puppies in the house.  This is Blue and her babies.

Many people send blankets and gifts for their puppies.

Mist system in the puppy house. Each puppy nursery has 2 fans and heat lamps.

Max the play monster!

Sassy, Poncho and Jessi watching TV.

Zack plays catch with a ball.......

Daisy plays catch with her body!

Oreo, Angie and Shorty helping me work on our website!


Baby Angie answering the phone!

 Indy LOVES to retrieve balls and play with his best friends; Maddie and Katie.

 Shorty will play ball for food!

Jessi and I invite you to browse through each breed page.  You will find photographs of all our adult and juvenile dogs.  You will see who each female is bred to as well as their expected due dates.  Our "Puppies For Sale" page will show you every puppy that is available for a new family home.  All puppies are sold current on shots and worming with the Heelers having their tails docked.  If you would like your Cattle Dog puppy to have a natural tail we are happy to accommodate you. You will simply reserve first, second or third pick of any litter. You must make your pick by three days old. All puppies go with a small bag of their food, shot and worming records, breeding records and a registration application for each. To register the puppy you will take three pictures, fill out the owner and the witness sections of the application. This form is also available as a downloadable file from CKC's website.  If you see a puppy that you like or would like to be on a waiting list for one of our bred females, feel free to contact us for more information.

We accept Visa, Master Card, debit,  and cash for your convenience. Shipping is available.  Most people chose to pay for their puppy when they pick it out and then the shipping when their puppy is ready to ship. Shipping is $250 to any domestic destination and in most cases 2 puppies can be put in one crate and shipped for $350 if you decide on two puppies.  Deposits and purchase payments on the puppies are non-refundable. We do offer a health guarantee, if the puppy is found to have a life threatening/terminal genetic disorder this guarantee is for equal credit towards any other puppy that we have or for a pick from any up coming litter.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any puppy to any individual for any reason. If at any time we do not feel comfortable with the sale of one of our puppies we will do a return to your credit card less the credit card transaction fee. We will then contact you and make you aware of the return. These decisions are final and are not negotiable or debatable.


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