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Wagoner, OK







We hope you enjoy visiting our New Families as much as we do! We have four "New Family Photos Pages" one is a link from our "Home" page, two are links from "Dogs" and one is a link from "Australian Cattle Dogs", be sure and visit all of our new families and their puppies. Thanks for all of the wonderful photos of our puppies.... please keep them coming.

This pretty girl is DeeDee, she lives in NY with her family and sister Cali. (Abby X Cowboy)

What a cool guy Johnny Ringo has turned out to be! (Cyenne X Rowdy)

Gunner is just beautiful! He lives in Canada with his family. (Blue X Max)

Ozzy the Aussiedoodle is such a pretty boy! (Jazz X Indy)

Blue lives in CA with his family. His mom made him a special seat for her truck. Way to go Leigh! (Wynona X Rowdy)

Champ lives in CA with his family, his dad is serving our country in Iraq. We are proud of the sacrifice of this family! Stay safe. (Wynona X Rusty)

Dingo has grown into a very pretty boy! He lives in MA with his family. (Naomi X Max)

Dallas lives in MA with her brother and sister Jazmin and Jaden and their parents. (Naomi X Rowdy)

This is Menchi, she is all grown up and a beautiful daughter of Chili Pepper and Max.

These 2 boys are Rifle (puppy) and Sniper, they live in OK with their family. (Rifle-Baby X Max) (Sniper- Chili Pepper X Max)

Rowdy is sure growing up! He lives in Idaho with his family. (Cyenne X Rowdy)

Fig is adorable! She lives in CO with her mom. (Lacy X Rowdy)

Rachel is a BIG help to her dad! She is all grown up and lives in TX with him. (Wynona X Rusty)

Bandit (blue) and Cayenne (red) live in TX with their mom and dad and doggie sisters. (Bandit- Naomi X Rowdy) (Cayenne- Daisy X Rusty)

Oak, is a beautiful red boy that lives in NM with his dad. (Rosie X Tuffy)

Blue is all grown up now and lives with her family in MASS.

Jack has grown into a very pretty boy, he lives in CT with his family. (Chili Pepper X Rowdy)

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