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We proudly raise and offer working and pet quality puppies for loving family homes.  We do not show or do we have any interest in showing our dogs.  If you are interested in a puppy for breeding please make your plans known to us when you first contact us about one of puppies. Our Australian Cattle Dogs/Blue Heelers come from working back grounds and most are from ranch bloodlines.  Visa, Master Card and debit are accepted for your convenience.  Payment for your puppy is due when you pick it out. If your puppy needs to be shipped to you, the shipping payment is not needed until the puppy is ready to ship. If the puppy is old enough to ship when it is purchased one payment allows shipping to be at the earliest possible date.

 We ship with Continental and Northwest Airlines, shipping costs are $250-300 for destinations to the U.S. and $300 to Canada.  Two puppies can be shipped in one crate for $350 in the U.S. and $400 to Canada. The exclusion to these prices would be if the only way we can get to the destination you are requesting is by a VIP shipment with Northwest, which would make the price $100-$150 higher. We rarely need to use a Northwest VIP shipments.

 All deposits and payments that are made on the puppies are non-refundable.  If you have purchased a puppy it must be shipped or picked up by the time it is 10 weeks old unless other arrangements have been made. If it has not been shipped or picked up within that time frame the puppy will be resold and the purchase money will not be returned. Our puppies are weaned at 6 weeks and can be picked up here at 7 weeks or they can be shipped at 8 weeks. 

Our puppies come to you having been vet checked, they have a health certificate, a One Year Health Guarantee and are current on their shots and worming, the guarantee is for equal credit towards the price of any other puppy that we have available.

We worm with Pyrantel Pamoate at 2 weeks and continue at 2 week intervals as long as they are here. We give the Duravet 5 in 1 puppy shot at 6 weeks and one month intervals after that until they have had three shots (if they are here that long).  We dock that tails of our Australian Cattle Dog puppies. If you would like to have a puppy with a natural tail we are happy to accommodate you. You simply take first or second pick from any new litter and we will leave the tail on for you. Our puppies come with CKC Registration Applications. You will fill out the owner and witness sections, take three pictures of your puppy and send them in with the application to CKC to register it.  This form is available as a downloadable file from CKC's website. We do NOT sell our puppies for resale. Don't even ask! Please make sure that you REALLY want a puppy, can have one where you live and are ready to accept the responsibility of a baby puppy that will required your love and patience. Dogs like all pets are a long term commitment. We reserve the right to refuse  the sale of any puppy to any person for any reason. If we decide that you are not going to be the best person for one of our puppies we will do a return to your card less the credit card transaction fee. When we make these decisions they are not negotiable or debatable our decisions concerning our puppies are final and not in need of discussion or explanation.

Listed below you will find our selection of Australian Cattle Dog puppies and dogs available for adoption at the bottom of this page. We update our website continually, so if you see a puppy on this page it is available unless someone is one the phone getting it while you are looking at our website.

Australian Cattle Dog Puppies

Purebred Heelers    .

Ruby and Koda had their 9 standard size puppies on 4-29. They can be picked up on 6-17 and shipped on 6-24. This is Ruby's first litter and it was huge! She is a daughter of Cyenne and Rowdy. They are both very beautiful dogs and great proven producers. This entire litter has a great disposition, really lovers!

    Ruby                 Koda

Ruby's girls  1  &  4   $350 each

Jazz and Max had their 5 standard size puppies on 5-6. They can be picked up on 6-24 and shipped on 7-1. This is a litter of mostly stumpy tail puppies. This last girl is SO SWEET and the first to run right to you!

      Jazz                  Max

Jazz girl  1    $350

Cyenne and Koda had their 10 standard size puppies on 5-8. They can be picked up on 6-26 and shipped on 7-3. Cyenne is the mother of Ruby and is one of our most consistent and best producers. This is Cyenne's VERY prettiest litter of puppies yet, they should all be priced higher than they are. We are extremely pleased with them, Koda is Cyenne's best cross. These red puppies have a brindle look, OUTSTANDING colors and every one so sweet!

      Cyenne                 Koda

Cyenne's boy  3   $350

Cyenne's boys  4  &  5(smallest male)   $350 each

Cyenne's girl  5   $350

                                     Cyenne's girl 2 Our Pick  $500                                   (our pick from Cyenne's last litter sold for $1,000)

Wynona and Tuffy had their litter of 10 Mini Heeler puppies on 5-10. They can be picked up on 6-28 or shipped on 7-5. They should be quite short and very stocky. Wynona is one of Sassy's most beautiful daughters and Tuffy could easily be her best cross yet. WOW! What a beautiful litter of puppies! Without a doubt Wynona's prettiest litter yet!

 Wynona               Tuffy

Wynona's boys  1  &  2   $500 each

Wynona's boys (SOLD)  &  6   $500

Wynona's girl  1  $500

Wynona's girls  3  &   4   $500 each

Due to have puppies soon!

 Feel free to contact us to reserve first, second or third pick of any of these litters for a deposit of half of the price of the puppy. Your deposit will hold your puppy's price at the price listed with the mother below. After the puppies are born we often raise their prices. If you have put a deposit on the litter to reserve your pick, your price will not be increased. Go to our Upcoming Litters page for more information about reserving a pick from one of these girls.     

Cherry Pie              Lacy                  Chili Pepper

   Naomi                    Abby                    Daisy

Cherry Pie is bred to Rowdy and due in June. These will be big stocky standard size puppies. Cherry's first litter with Rowdy was outstanding.  $350 each. First and second picks are reserved.

Lacy is bred to Koda and due in June. We expect this litter to be smaller standard and pretty stocky. Lacy has always been bred to Rowdy, but we want to give Koda a chance to breed our best girls. Both Lacy and Koda are stumpy tail dogs. $350 each.

Chili Pepper is bred to Rowdy and due in June. This litter will be full siblings to Bonnie Blue Butler on our Female Cattle Dog page. WE WILL ONLY TAKE RESERVED PICKS ON MALE PUPPIES FROM THIS LITTER. $350 each

Naomi is bred to Rusty and due in July. This is a proven cross of beautiful quality standard size puppies. This litter will have long natural tails, if you want a puppy with a long tail we will be happy to leave your puppy's tail natural if you want to reserve a pick from this litter. $350 each. First pick is reserved.

Abby is bred to Rusty and due in July. Abby has been bred to Rusty one time before and she had a very pretty colorful litter of puppies. They will be standard size (although Abby is quite small, Rusty is our biggest male so we will not expect these puppies to be overly small in size) and have natural long tails. If you want a puppy from this litter with a long natural tail we will be happy to leave the tail long for you if you would like to reserve a pick from this litter. $350 each

Daisy is bred to Koda and due in July. This will be a beautiful litter of all blue puppies, some may be "true blue" like Daisy with now with no red/brown markings on the legs or face. We expect part to most of the litter to have stumpy tails. We expect they will be smaller puppies, daisy is the mother of Angie who is very small, however we are not sure small Koda will produce. $350 each

For Adoption to Approved Homes Only

Oreo -  Standard Poodle  - Will NOT SHIP

Oreo - intact male, loves to run, play and bark at the horses. Oreo is 3 years old, has sired BEAUTIFUL Aussiedoodle puppies, loves to be in the house, gets along with all females, has never been around kids or cats. We are very attached to Oreo and he will only go to a very special home with a fenced yard.

Examples or Oreo's Aussiedoodle puppies

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