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Wagoner, OK






First, second and third choice on any litter can be purchased for half the price of the puppy, after the litter arrives you have 5 days to make your pick and pay the balance of the puppy's purchase price. Then the rest of the puppies are offered to prospective families.  You can see all of the puppies that we have available on our Puppies for Sale page. Many times we will increase the price of the puppies after they are born, if you have put a deposit on the litter to reserve your pick, your price will not be increased. If you have a deposit on a litter and you decide you don't want a puppy from that litter or there are not enough males or females to pick from (example; mom has a litter of 10...all boys... it can happen) or for some reason the momma does not have puppies, then your deposit will transfer to any other litter that we are expecting or any puppy that we have available or you can wait until your favorite girl gets bred. We do not do refunds on deposits.

Max, Tuffy, Lacy and Koda all carry the stumpy tail gene. Their litters usually consist of puppies with long natural tails and natural docked tails. IF you want a long natural tail left on your puppy keep in mind that we have no control over how many puppies in their litters will have long natural tails.

Cherry Pie is bred to Rowdy and due in June. These will be big stocky standard size puppies. Cherry's first litter with Rowdy was outstanding.  $350 each. First and second picks are reserved.

Lacy is bred to Koda and due in June. We expect this litter to be smaller standard and pretty stocky. Lacy has always been bred to Rowdy, but we want to give Koda a chance to breed our best girls. Both Lacy and Koda are stumpy tail dogs. $350 each.

Chili Pepper is bred to Rowdy and due in June. This litter will be full siblings to Bonnie Blue Butler on our Female Cattle Dog page. WE WILL ONLY TAKE RESERVED PICKS ON MALE PUPPIES FROM THIS LITTER. $350 each

Naomi is bred to Rusty and due in July. This is a proven cross of beautiful quality standard size puppies. This litter will have long natural tails, if you want a puppy with a long tail we will be happy to leave your puppy's tail natural if you want to reserve a pick from this litter. $350 each  First pick is reserved.

Abby is bred to Rusty and due in July. Abby has been bred to Rusty one time before and she had a very pretty colorful litter of puppies. They will be standard size and have natural long tails. If you want a puppy from this litter with a long natural tail we will be happy to leave the tail long for you if you would like to reserve a pick from this litter. $350 each

Daisy is bred to Koda and due in July. This will be a beautiful litter of all blue puppies, some may be "true blue" like Daisy with now with no red/brown markings on the legs or face. We expect part to most of the litter to have stumpy tails. $350 each

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